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Here’s a question we’ve asked ourselves over and again. And we finally found the answer: We know who we are. We’re the kind of people who live by our own standards. And we will continue to do so.

From our very first bottle, in January 2015, until today, including the time we came face to face with our own Dragons, we have never been defined by others. We are Montreal, and we’re also something else. Quality. Honesty. Without compromise.

The proof … as a young kid, the founder of 1642 Sodas was already setting his own rules. In high school, Bastien organized bottle drives for baby food. Pretty boss, right!

Since then his life’s journey has continued to take him from one adventure to the next, from Brittany to China, from the lecture hall to the banquet hall…until finally he made
Montreal his home.

With just his cat Patate at his side, and twelve boxes of 1642, he persisted until his sodas were as popular in Montreal as a concert at the Place des Arts.

Some people we really likeAt 1642, we feel a natural affinity with several companies and organizations from our hometown. We share the same values, and sometimes even a soda with a good meal.

Some of our favourite people: Poches & Fils, Foundation Montreal Inc. and Foundation de l’entrepreneurship.

And of course, we have a special spot for the Dragons who believed in and supported us. Big high fives to Serge, Alexandre, Mitch and Martin-Luc!